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Diafluora Jewelry
Diafluora Jewelry
Diafluora Jewelry
Diafluora Jewelry
Diafluora Jewelry
Diafluora Jewelry
Diafluora Jewelry
Diafluora Jewelry
Diafluora Jewelry
Diafluora Jewelry
Diafluora Jewelry
Diafluora Jewelry




Diafluora™ Jewel Designs

Celebrate your love for gardening and flowers with a floral jewelry design set with a Diafluora™ jewel. Each Diafluora™ jewel
passed a vigorous quality control process - only the finest quality is accepted for our line of floral jewelry. Each jewelry design
in our Floral Jewelry Line is expertly crafted and hand finished by a master jeweler in the United States. We searched for a
gem that meets the particular characteristics that we believe a gemstone should possess to show its beauty and inner fire,
and found that Diafluora™ jewels meets our stringent requirements.

The Floral Jewelry Line consists of unique inclusion-free Diafluora™ jewels in soft pastel colors, polished to perfection,
for maximum beauty.  Diafluora™ jewel colors come in a kaleidoscope of pastel spring colors.

For the technical specifications and the chemical composition of these unique Diafluora™ jewels, click here.
(This file should be viewed using Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or higher)

Every Diafluora™ jewel comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. We are proud to offer all the above designs
with a FREE 16 inch Sterling Silver chain that weighs 1.61 grams. This tastefully designed line of Sterling Silver pendants
are fun to wear and come in two designs and five flower-colors. The beauty and value speaks for itself.

Combine your love for flowers and jewelry and show the world you love your garden.

Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

Cape Flower Fields offers an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee that your Diafluora™ jewel will maintain their color, fire, brilliance
and luster for the lifetime of the owner. In the unlikely event the optical characteristics alter in the Diafluora™ jewel, please
return the jewelry, this certificate and/or original receipt to us, and the defective stone will be replaced with a new Diafluora™ jewel.
This warranty does not include loss, theft, disappearance or the loss of optical characteristics due to damage to the integrity of
your Diafluora™ jewel. Keep this certificate for insurance and guarantee purposes. This guarantee gives you specific legal rights,
and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state.


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