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Buy N Sell Necklaces

Jewelry that is received by Buy N' Sell Gold, LLC is first subjected to a state-of-the art electronic testing device. As shown in the picture, An alligator clip attaches the metal to the small device. After a few drops of test solution are placed on the test area, the machine quickly and accurately provides the gold quality (measured in karats) on its digital display screen.

In the event that the quality of the gold measured by the electronic tester differs from the quality of the gold as reported by the customer who sent it in (we will explore the danger of trusting engravings in a future posting), the piece will then undergo a second test—the scratch test. The scratch method is the oldest method used in the jewelry industry, and you may have seen it performed by a jeweler or pawn shop operator.



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Whether you are falling in love all over again or celebrating a new relationship, every day is an
occasion that demands a little drama and a lot of romance. Live up to the challenge with a
gift of jewelry.

Sterling Silver Engraved Message Ring
Cubic Zirconia Latch back Earrings
14K Cultured Pearl Set with Free Earrings
Sterling Silver Floating Heart Pendant
Genuine Blue Topaz Heart Ring with CZ Accent

For a long lasting declaration, say "I love you" every day of the year with diamonds, jewels and
colored gemstone jewelry. It has never been so easy to surprise your love with an eye-catching ring,
pendant or necklace to show your love and fulfill your sweetheart’s fondest desire.

Indulge yourself or share the elegance of these classic beauties with someone you love; either way,
you’ll be glad you did.

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Miriam Jewels

Miriam Jewels produces Peruvian crocheted jewelry knitted in silver wire by the artist 
Miriam Chor Freitas. Exclusive handmade designs of silver jewelry 
combined with precious and semi-precious colored stones.

Miriam Jewels  Miriam Crochet Jewelry

Quality Jewelry

Affordable Quality Jewelry and Gems

The jewelry retailing business is constantly changing. From the turn of the century to the mid 50s, most jewelry
stores were family owned with Main Street locations across the United States. The 1960s and 70s saw the
emergence of malls that caused much consolidation of smaller jewelry businesses. Chain stores became the norm
in larger metro-areas. In the 1980s we saw the Home Shopping Network (HSN) followed soon afterwards by the
QVC television networks and they became the driving force in jewelry sales. In the 1990s Wal-mart became the
nation’s largest retailer with jewelry sales overtaking sales at the traditional jewelry stores. JC Penney is close on
its heels catering to the mass markets. The 2000s are the era of the Internet. In many ways the online jewelry,
watch and diamond trade resembles the book-publishing business that gave Amazon.com its start. Both combine
discounted prices with massive selections – too big for mail-order catalogues, but perfect for computer searches.
Sites like E-bay sell thousands of pieces of jewelry every day. Contrary to the experts’ belief that consumers want
to touch and feel jewelry before they purchase it, the Internet has had remarkable success in a very short time
span. E-bay has 360,000 jewelry items for sale every day. A piece of jewelry is sold every four seconds and
4,000 bids are placed on jewelry every hour.

The ultimate winner in this scenario is the consumer that is looking to purchase quality and affordable jewelry,
diamonds and watches. MultiGems provide the consumer a market place to purchase jewelry, diamonds,
colored gemstones and watches from reliable sources. Your piece-of-mind during and after your jewelry purchase
is our main concern. For this reason we offer jewelry, diamonds and watches ONLY from sources that you,
the consumer know and trust, so you can shop with confidence. We are proud to offer
Brilliant Restorer Jewelry Cleaner by the Brutti Company in conjunction with the 3M company.
Our Diafluora Jewels are superior quality jewels in unique cuts and designs.

Thank you for shopping for your jewelry, diamonds and watches at MultiGems.com.


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